Jeanne I
Iovana I
Blessed First Empress of the Imperial Realm, Queen of Maurecourt and Laruscade
Empress of the Imperial Realm
Reign 5 April, 2013 – present
Coronation 6 April, 2013
Predecessor Monarchy established
Queen of Maurecourt and Laruscade
Reign 5 April, 2013 – present
Coronation 6 April, 2013
Predecessor Monarchy established
Empress of the Holy Patrician States
Reign 6 January 2013 – 5 April, 2013
Coronation 16 January, 2013
Predecessor Emperor Tristan II
Successor Monarchy abolished
Spouse Prince Henri I
Issue Crown Princess Jeanne II
Princess Victoire
Prince François
Prince Henri II
Princess Chanèle
Full name
Jeanne Renée Marie Acribaldi
Posthumous name
The Blessed Empress Jeanne
House House of Acribaldi-Nordahl
Father Iorwerth Etwynôc
Mother Princess Marie IV
Born 12 May, 1985
Paris, Kingdom of HPS
Religion Patrician Orthodox
Jeanne I (Jeanne Renée Marie Acribaldi; born 12 May, 1985), also known as Iovana I, is the leader of the Imperial Patrician Realm, which includes four nations.

On her accession to her first throne on 6 January, 2013, Jeanne became the monarch of the Empire of Holy Patrician States, which at the time consisted of the Parisien States and Breteuilleux States. Twelve weeks and six days into her reign, an Imperial Decree shifted power in the Empire to include say from all of the corners of the realm. This allowed all governors and Dukes to have say in governing the nation. This decree also renamed the Empire to the Central Empire of Holy Patrician States.

On the accession to her second throne on 5 April, 2013, not much changed. The Empress and the Council of Paris held formal talks with the inhabitants of the unclaimed region of Belœil. The Belœilleux natives agreed to come under the Imperial Realm. The Parisien and Breteuilleux States were not separated at this point. The Annexation of Belœil added the regions of Belœil, Leclerc, and Étoile to the realm.