The Fourteenth Bill of the Patrician Parliament or the Aloia Act was a bill passed by the Patrician parliament, allowing the succession to the Patrician throne by a member of the Aloian Imperial Family. This ensures that the throne will not be left vacant.

Text Edit

The Fourteenth Bill of the Patrician Parliament under the command of the Right Honourable Jean-Claude Geminer, Lord Speaker of the Parliament,

Authored by Olga Yekaterinova, age 32,

The Parliament from upon the signing of this bill will:

I. Recognise the legitimacy of all Aloian Imperials to the Patrician Throne,

II. Ensure increased protection of Aloian Imperials,

III. Allow the succession of any person born into the Aloian Imperial Family.

This bill viewed by all members of the Parliament concludes.

Signing Edit

This bill was signed by 209 of the 234 members of the Third Patrician Parliament. This bill received outstanding votes, this bill was the first bill proposed by a parliament member who was born in the Empire of Great Eurussia. This bill was also the first bill to be proposed and put into effect by a person under the age of 34.